Sunday, August 15, 2010


First full scrimmage of the fall was yesterday at 6. I was lucky enough to be able to cover it as a member of the media, since it was closed to the public.

There's plenty to read about it including stuff in the Herald and Globe.

Beyond the stats, I think the players who made a big splash were Quinn, Williams, and Freese.
After being redshirted last year, the 6' 6" Quinn got into the backfield constantly (though it was against the second o-line). Spaz said he liked what he saw from Quinn.

Williams could be moving up the depth chart as a true freshman as he showed speed, power up the middle, and agility to get outside.

Freese will add a scoring threat from beyond 30 yards away so that should excite all BC fans.
The 46 yard kick had plenty of height and missed just left.

Next scrimmage is Wednesday, see you all then.
Oh, and for those who are members over at Eagle Action, you can read my full notebook about the game here.

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