Friday, August 13, 2010

Media Day-Thoughts on Offense

So today the Eagles took part in media day. 16 players came out and talked to members of the press (including me) and while nothing earth shattering came out, there were some good signs and interesting story lines.

I now present them to you:

Wide Receivers will be fun to watch-
Talking to Colin Larmond Jr. and Momah, they're both really excited about the group of guys. With a planned rotation of six wideouts, there are spots up for grabs. "Everyone's working hard because they're fighting for those spots," Larmond said.

The one constant in all the scenarios is number 10 who says he's ready to be a leader. He also assured me that he wouldn't change the laid back guy he is, but he's going out and working as hard as he can to set a good example for the new guys. "If I drop a ball, everyone will say oh he dropped a pass so it's okay, well no it's not."

Johnathan Coleman has impressed so far and Colin reaped all sorts of praise on true Freshman, Bobby Swiggert's work ethic and natural ability. "He takes what we learn in film immediately out to practice"
(Stay tuned to see who gets the start at slot receiver)

I think Momah gives Dave a good big target guy and am more than pleased he's back on the offensive side of the ball ( he hasn't taken any snaps on d yet this fall).

Dave Shinskie is going to be fun to watch this year-
Literally every player I talked to mentioned Dave's improvement and something tells me they're not just randomly saying that. He's spent a ton of time in the film room, with his teammates in the summer and the evidence of weight room work is there. Let's not forget, he set a freshman record and I expect big things out of him.
Helping those big things will be an expanded play book which the receivers and Montel talked about. Second year under Tranquill's system leads to more variety.

Montel is still awesome-
He cut his hair, he's still carefree and we're all excited about this.

The Offensive Line is good to go-
Nate Richman takes over for Matt Tennant, "I had to learn how to snap the ball and it was all completely new," he said. He's ready after spending the spring and fall adjusting and his line mates have faith in him. Claiborne is still full of energy, expects to continue his reputation as the first guy into the endzone to celebrate and has declared "O-line U is back". Costanzo the scholar anchors the left and there are a ton of links talking about his potential future.
Only gave up 19 sacks in 13 games last year, they want to do better.

Tight Ends- Pantale and Lars will do well, especially since Dave has learned to use his check down routes more, according to Colin and Thomas.

Defensive post comes tomrrow after the scrimmage.



  1. Awesome. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the coverage; nice work. Honest question, though. Are you spinning it all rosy or is that the way it objectively is. Are the "UD has improved" comments the team's talking points or a real assessment. I've heard differing reports on his so called "improvement" and when I hear unanimity of opinion, it doesn't sound like a report so much as a pitch.

    I know you're covering D tomorrow, but any comment on Goodman's switch from anyone on the O? Is he staying there or coming back to the OL since Ramsey has returned?

    Sorry if this sounds like I'm busting your chops. Keep up the good work.

  3. Goodman said he's a defender now and that its in Gods hands now. He's a very humble and softspoken guy who will do whatever the team needs.

    I completely understand the skepticism after the roller coaster that was Dave Shinskie and could fully believe that they told the players to talk him up yesterday. However, every guy on either side of the ball mentioned not only getting better but also specific ways-Thom and Colin mentioned check down routes while Montel mentioned defensive reads. Todays scrimmage at six will tell the most about progress. The playbook is more wide open too so as Colin mentioned, one formation doesn't always mean the same like last year.

    Defensive thoughts sometime this morning and scrimmage notes both here and on Eagle Action following.

  4. "Tight Ends- Pantale and Lars will do well, especially since Dave has learned to use his check down roots more, according to Colin and Thomas."

    It's route not root.