Monday, August 9, 2010

New Depth Chart Out and Other Notes From Day 1

So the biggest news out of the first day of fall practices is that Herzlich's comeback was hampered...because of a foot injury. While there's no cause for utter panic yet, you can read the Globe's Mark Blaudschun's article about the injury here.

A depth chart has been released on and there are some interesting things to note, many of which have already been pointed out by members of the media:

The Nephew looks like he's going to start camp as a number one receiver
Clyde Lee is not on the two deep
Kasim Edeballi and Dillon Quinn, two big red-shirted freshman, are in on the defensive side.
Will Thompson will get the start it seems on the weak side.
Momah is listed as a WR again (Thank God) although Spaz says he'll be a situational third-down pass rusher.

Scafe is not listed due to a nagging back injury and Kaleb Ramsey did not report to camp. Ramsey attempted to transfer to Pitt during the Summer, but it seems as if things have gotten a little mess up somewhere along the way.

Let's here your thoughts on the depth chart and lets all rejoice in the start of BC Football.

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