Saturday, May 8, 2010

Steve Donohue's team continues to morph as sophomore Evan Ravenel has asked for his release from the program. Ravenel follows Rakim Sanders and Brady Hesslip out the door. Ravenel saw an increased role after some great performances late in the season and some wondered whether or not he'd take the starting job from Josh Southern down low.

Donohue continues to be hard on the recruiting trail, however, as he has convinced Kevin Noreen to stay.

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  1. Ravenel had great athleticism after shedding a ton of weight last year but the jury was always out about his on court work ethic.

    The Kevin Noreen get might be a bigger story with the 6'10 forward providing some size in athleticism (as well as another body) on the depleted 7 man roster. He also got a perfect score on his SAT and averaged 30 a game (granted it was a small Minnesota league). Huge pickup for Donahue.

    BC still has 9 open scholarships for next year, which is staggering.

  2. Check out this interview with the now-departed Evan Ravenel from February 24, 2010 after arguably his best game of the season in the Eagles' win over North Carolina. The interview was featured on WZBC's sister station, WVBC-AM, on "The Beantown Buzz."

    Click here to listen: